About us
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About us

Get to know our Group

The Group aims at providing a dedicated platform for all members to promote business among themselves. It does not aim to be big, but rather to be tightly run, closely related and effective. Each member is regarded as an owner and so the Group is seen by the members as an “Owners Club”.

Teampower Group

The Administration Center of the Group is simple and open to all members. It is located in Bangkok, as the Group is going to be registered in Thailand. The Center is run by Samson Wan, Santosh Sharma and T Buncherd. It is to oversee the running of the Group, including overall image promotion, membership, member relationship and major business projects. Members are required to conduct the accounting settlement among themselves. The Group won’t be involved. All members are required to actively promote business among the Group members. Although we will not demand for exclusivity of business relationship, we would expect all members to be very dedicated. We would adopt a “One Country, One Member” principle, except for the USA, where we will be “region-specific”. There are two membership types: Full and Associate. Full member is dedicated and fully admitted to the Group. Associate Member is one that is on a trial basis, subject to final acceptance. Members are required to pay a small fee on a regular basis so as to maintain the Administration Center. However, we would keep the fee low as the focus is on business development among members. If you are interested in our Group, you can CONTACT US to find out more or send us your company details.

Our Mission

To form a small but closely-knitted Group of Freight Forwarders so that WE can promote business with one another on a safe, trusted and long term platform. Relationship, Commitment and Capability are the key principles.

A Private “Owners Club”

Teams Visions